Plugging In and Tucking In

Our electricians have been wiring away for a few weeks now. There’s something refreshing about brand new electrical work. It’s quite an upgrade from the house that used to be here.

Our insulation team started last week too, ensuring that this new home (and garage) will be nice and toasty in the winter, as well as energy efficient in the summer.

Fresh Skin!

Siding is going up bringing a fresh and modern, yet warm feel to this brand new four-bedroom home. This is fiber cement siding which is one of the most desirable modern home finishes thanks to how it stands up to weather, pests, and fire while still looking great. And check out those rear doors–living room and dining room!

First look at what will be the kitchen

This view from the dining room looking north shows the rough-ins for the kitchen island sink illuminated by two bright windows and a whole bunch of ceiling lights. Beyond the kitchen, you can see through to the mud room and even further to the garage with its own bright window. Behind us, in this shot, is a new set of sliding glass doors leading into the backyard. So from the kitchen island sink, you have a clear view from the garage entry to the backyard, and not visible in this shot, a view into the living room. Great flow, great light!

Plumbing Away…

Plumbing is going in and looking great–some fantastic work by Chamberlin Plumbing Inc. (847-526-1880)

Windows, HVAC, siding, and roofing installations are all lining up to begin soon.

Chugging along…

It’s a house!

Framing is wrapping up, and now we can see that it really is a house.  Plumbing and roofing should begin next week, with siding soon after–which means we need to settle our discussions about the exterior color.   What do you think, a dark, dark gray exterior, or a bright, ashy, cream exterior?   Both are great modern looks, but we can only choose one.

Click to see the colors…
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Onward and Upward

After a short intermission, the first floor walls were quick to raise, and today, the second floor begins to take shape.  Walking through rough framing can often feel constricting, but not 654 Homewood.   You can already feel the airiness of the first floor, from the kitchen opening into the dining room opening to the great room with its view to the backyard.

Home with a Steel Spine

It may not seem like much, but that simple steel cross-beam that went in today, is one of the most important structural elements of any home and provides the confidence to build up–much like the spine of the house.  With this in, we look excitedly forward to the beginning of framing.

Basement All Tucked In

The brand new basement is all “tucked in” now with backfill returning the soil to the soon-to-be front and backyard.  Foundational utilities are all set, and soon the framing will begin to rise, to outline the silhouette of a beautiful new house.

A Basement Rising

Rising from the brand new foundations that were poured last week, the basement walls take shape. This is one of the fun phases of construction where you can see a lot of progress really quickly–if only the whole project could move so quickly.

We’ll be offering 654 Homewood with an unfinished basement, but if a buyer takes advantage of our negotiable pre-sale offer, they’ll have the opportunity to add a finished basement as a paid upgrade. Other upgrades options could include fixture and appliance selection, if negotiated early enough in the project.